A Zero Gravity Source mod

What is GraviNULL?

In GraviNULL, the player will be put in a Zero Gravity situation with no means to move around besides using a modified gravity gun with a "grapple" function. The grapple function can attach to the numerous mines and grapple anchors floating about the map and fling the player around. The player will then be trying to win in such a situation in any of the below gamemodes.


In deathmatch mode the player must hurt and kill the enemies by punting the mines at enemies the more damage done the more points earned so an overkill will be preffered over a cheap kill! Normally the mines give off a minor electrical shock, but when they are absorbed and then launched they become supercharged for a while allowing them to cause lethal damage.


Hazard is a survival focused gamemode, each map presents a host of deadly challenges that the player must overcome, when the player reaches the finish he'll be teleported back for another run with 1 point added to the score. The player with the most points will be the winner when the timelimit has been reached.


High speed GraviNULL action mode, nothing can kill the player but it's a rage against your foes in taking the most succesfull paths and showing your grappling superiority.